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CBD E-liquid or Vape oil can be produced using full spectrum flower extract or CBD isolate.  To find out more please contact us today.

CBD Vape Oils are available in BULK and available as a White label Product.

(CBD) cannabidiol extract (CBD) which is not narcotic, not addictive, and is obtained in the Czech Republic in full accordance with valid legislation. 

Vaporization is not harmful to health, carrier substances such as propane diol and glycerin are metabolized in the body to natural metabolites that are eliminated from the body without stress. The inhaled aerosol has been tested at the ICT Prague and no harmful substances have been proven.

Composition: propane diol, Glycerin, cannabidiol, caramel

We are also able to manufacture CBD and CBG e liquids in bulk or white label we are able to offer these in hundreds of flavours. 

Just get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements today.

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