We will be in attendance at Cannatech London this year!

We will be in attendance at Cannatech London this year!

Cannabis is the world’s fastest growing industry – worldwide. We are at the cusp of a medical revolution that is poised to bring positive change to the lives of millions globally, and we have the data and research to prove it.

Now is the time for regulators, companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors to develop innovative solutions that answer the growing demands of this new market.

CannaTech is where that conversation unfolds in earnest. We have designed our programming to reflect the unique needs of the current market in the UK. To that end, we have created a full-bodied program that introduces you the fundamentals of medical cannabis from both a medical, scientific and regulatory perspective – with a special focus on the unique investment opportunity inherent throughout the seed to sale chain.

In our experience, even industry professionals that have been in this field for decades come away with new insights and certainly with new connections and opportunity.

“CannaTech’s conference potentiated the best of what’s happening currently in medicinal cannabis globally: serious, cutting-edge science and business alliances of the highest order. I was anxious to attend but now am looking forward even more to continued participation. CannaTech 2017 Israel is the best run conference I’ve attended in any industry.”  – Constance Finley, Founder and CEO of Constance Therapeutics.

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